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Несколько интересных фактов о кошках
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Kesar is a natural resource of antioxidants and flavonoids. Antioxidants help protect the body from harmful substances. kesar price 1 kg india . 
Saffron is also known as kesar in Hindi. Kesar looks like powder and thread . We can get it in different forms. It is used in sweets to increase the 
test & quality of the sweets. It is the most valuable or costly spice in the world. Kesar was first cultivated in Greece and constantly grows throughout the world.
Presently Iran is the most producer of kesar in terms of quantity and quality as well. Kesar is also used for medicine and sweets as well. kashmiri kesar price .
Some of the people consume it directly. 
It is very costly. It is used by very specific & targeted customers. If the people are consuming it. It would be beneficial for the health. Sometimes 
dieticians also suggest consuming it.

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Страницы: Пред. 1 ... 3408 3409 3410 3411 3412 ... 7738 След.
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