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Do you think that they'll address forward?
Its lame a guard same construct as a little forward has better stats in everything.I loved my 6'9 slashing shot founder in 2K19. They did not even try to NBA 2K MT Coins balance them they hit the nerf button. Only builds are lockdowns and don't like them. It's possible to make some nasty 6"7 little forward builds like I've 2 nasty ones but that is the cap. Following 6"7 it is total garbage, everything goes too up to some point where it ai not worthwhile.

But if you are 6'7" why not simply make it a guard. Bevause guards are not that tall. You may earn a shooting guard 6'7 and also receive more badges. Did they ever explain why different places get number of badges, seems kinda dumb to me. I guess they tried to make it so taller players do not have a large benefit, which is kind of dumb because their attributes are confined way lower than shorter players. Yeah but the guards are way more defenders with the very same charts, athletic, better dunkers, shooters. They need to balance them, how do a 6'3 guard be a dunker than the usual 6'9 sf lol 2K.

I have always loved the versatility of the SF place like they have dealt a bad hand this year and I feel. There are a few SF but most feel like versions of the counterpart. I believe it boils down to a few things that 2K did so year: Virtually every shield build is flexible as hell this year.

Length/size is less valuable this past year. This is most likely mostly due to the heart stats restriction for height ( speed, strength, etc ), but size feels like a fairly weak trade off this year versus speed/agility. Also, intimidator seems to fill in where a size mismatch might exist. In my view, it comes down to the simple fact that the SF place receives a gray area between guards and bigs.

They don't really have a well made guard's flexibility build and the size benefit you get doesn't feel like enough to Cheap 2K MT make substantial mismatches. I feel when SFs are really workable (like 2K18 and 19) guards are kinda moot that season and vice versa, yes there are very viable assembles but overall it goes one way or anotherexactly the same with PFs and Cs.
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