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Питомник «Rikki Tikki Cat»
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First of all go to the Google Account support page through which you can restore your account.
On this page you will be asked some questions related to your account to confirm your ownership for the account.
Answer the questions correctly.
After this you will be redirected to a page showing asking you about your recovery email id or phone number linked with disabled account.
Type the account id and you will get a confirmation code type the code.
After this create a strong password that you haven’t already used with this account earlier.
To secure your Gmail account password you can Visit the Sign in & security page and change the password accordingly.
Check your Gmail settings
There are a few settings you can check to make sure nobody else has access to your emails.
You can also secure account for further issues by managing your settings and chose a good security options.

If you need any type of help regarding how to Restore Disabled Your Gmail Account then, you can simply dial a toll-free Gmail customer service support number and get relevant help from the certified technicians to resolve this issue.
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