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What are cataracts?
A cataract is clouding the clear lens of your eyes which limits your ability to see clearly. Cataracts become a common problem in many people as they grow older. An estimated population of 50-80% people in the country faces the issue of cataracts. It begins at the age of 40 and majorly affects around the age of 60 and the only cure to this is surgery which depends on the severity of the condition and how it is impacting the day-to-day activities in your life.
You can undergo a minimally invasive cataracts surgery to get rid of cataracts. It is a completely safe and quick process that solves your vision problems that exist because of cataracts.
What Are The Differences Between Obstructive Lung Disease, Restrictive Lung Disease, And Normal Condition?
The first step toward diagnosing any lung disease is by differentiating between various types of obstructive lung disease and restrictive lung disease. Both of  these can lead to shortness of breath, however restrictive lung disease can  further cause more difficulty with air exhaling, and restrictive lung diseases can  lead to problems by restricting a person’s ability to inhale air. To identify the  disease faced, you must get in touch with a respiratory or specialist Pulmonologist in Gurgaon
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