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How frequently does Pirate Bay experience outages?, How frequently does Pirate Bay experience outages?
Access pirate bay . Your location may also have an impact on how long the page is unavailable. You will constantly encounter forced downtime when the pirate bays or other websites that permit downloading are prohibited in your region. Authorities may limit access to a certain area of ​​the website.

You cannot file a lawsuit against your government if it restricts access to torrent websites like Pirate Bay since the government has the authority to do so due to copyright infringement. The only way around this is to utilise a VPN or location spoofing. However, spoofing only works for a short while.

In certain cases, mirror websites have proven useful. These mirror sites include identical material to the TPB main site. When the original site cannot be accessed, they are useful. Even pirate bay proxy sites are blocked by some authorities. You must investigate the additional accessible mirrors in order to determine which mirrors are functional.

In other circumstances, the website might not be accessible due to a server overload. URLs are susceptible to the overpopulation issue, which can result in a variety of digital snarls. Waiting until the traffic bottleneck clears naturally is the best course of action in this situation. You will ultimately be able to access when the server is up if you keep trying.
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