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LaRoy Texas (2024) His brother in a small Texas town receives information from a private investigator through a series of photos accidentally taken while gambling at a strip motel. which indicates infidelity in the family life of his wife Stacy-Lynn. Feeling uneasy. Ray bought a revolver from a gun store and drove to the motel there. Meanwhile, Ray is thinking about committing suicide. An unknown person entered his car. It seems that Ray mistakenly knows that Harry is an assassin for hire.

that I would meet him at the same motel at that time An unknown person gave Ray thousands of dollars as half of the money to assassinate someone. This needs to be completed tomorrow. and left him The street address on a piece of paper amidst a banknote is the only clue to the identity of the destination. Harry arrived just as Ray drove away. Still refuses to agree that anything is wrong with his marriage. Ray therefore tends to account for the promised amount as an investment.

Without knowing how to kill according to the agreement So he drove to the address and followed the man who lived there slowly towards the bar until he “screamed loudly.” The man forced Ray into his car. A quarrel quickly broke out between them. and Ray shot his opponent dead with a pistol. He dumped the body on the roadside. Accidentally dropped Skip's photo of Stacy-Lynn next to the body. Half way back home He learned from Junior's wife that the person
LaRoy Texas (2024)
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