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I guessed the rest of RuneScape
I have to agree. Archeology having content that is quest-locked makes sense. You are uncovering history. Quests construct lore. Not to mention quest requirements would've likely curbed the alt accounts people made only to gather mats plus they never would've needed to nerf the exceptional weapon bit drops that served only to screw over the common participant. Now that you've stated it I agree. Having a skill that RS07 Gold entails quest locked content actually makes a whole lot of sense and could provide more motivation for individuals to perform questing.

I don't have any idea where you're getting this belief fr om. Osborne has modulated the abolishment of quest requirements, reduced quest amounts to their all time lowest whilst cutting the resources to create them sits in on those meetings signing off on all these thoughts. All he does is says some empty words to encourage hype occasionally in between his different vacations on players cash.

I'm prepared for the votes that were down. In fact, I am a bit surprised they have not come already. Each time that I do highlight to individuals however, a few do reply like you do agreeing so maybe the word is getting out there. I can understand why folks do not see through Osborne's character instantly. He's always talking enthusiastically and trying to build up hype. After time though you begin to realise he is only repeating the same phrases without doing anything. Criticism is dismissed rather than responded to, the hype is a shield from discussing any failings and the positive tone leaves people who criticise Osborne look as they are being mean. Often it requires a little while for people to pick up with this.

I'm pretty sure Kingdom Hearts characters remain deader than Zanik. After KH3, that's saying something. I gave up after DDD on that series. The mechanisms were confusing as hell, and that I wasn't even entirely certain who I had been fighting due to each of the clones, time traveling, whatever. 358/2 Days had a lackluster story but RuneScape play was excellent. DDD was indeed the point wh ere the series' story imploded, for certain. If there'd been a stretch of the story left to proceed between DDD and KH3 then I really don't blame you for giving up after it I would have probably drifted.

I'm pretty sure I got Re:Coded because it was available and I guessed the rest of RuneScape were mostly good... It was such a pity. Between the"minigame challenge world" things of Re:Coded, and the swap in/out system with Riku and Sora, I felt like I was missing some clear mechanisms... because it would always say I took too long, or provide me 0 things, or even a terrible rank or something. I got to DDD's last boss without getting over the minimum points. I was clearly doing something wrong, or missing something obvious, but I HATED the fantasy system in DDD.

I'd beat half a world's narrative with Riku, then have to keep playing Sora, and then Sora would fall asleep, it'd award me zero things or anything, ask if I wanted to devote my zero points on things or updates or something, and then... wake up Sora back up. I didn't understand its purpose or what I was doing wrong. When it came out, not like I was a little child struggling with my very first videogame I was probably like 18. It just didn't describe it quite well, I guess buy RS3 gold.Pretty much everybody hates Coded and more or less likes to forget about it =P. In terms of the drop platform of DDD, I really don't believe anybody was a fan of this. It's been a year and a half because I did my marathon of the show in time for KH3, so my memory of the exact details are iffy, but yeah you can do stuff to expand the character change timer. Even then though, yeah, nobody liked it.
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